The Best Home Warranty Companies 2020, Useful Information

For an ordinary person, his or her own home is normally the major investment for the entire life. In many cases, a house stays for generations. It is normal that you want everything to be perfect in it. People arrange it in a way to live conveniently and peacefully. Usually, we invest a lot to buy the best appliances and similar.

But the items break, and costs connected with repairs are huge. As an example: a repair of a fridge can cost you around 200 USD. Therefore, even if one item breaks, it brings unplanned expenses. And what if several break? At this point, every homeowner understands that it is time to look for alternatives to usual companies that provide repairing service.

Such alternatives exist. They are known as the home warranty. Customers can make their choices among varied offerings. If you start checking online, you will see hundreds of options. It is a time-demanding task to check all the providers and compare their offers. We have tested the most influential home warranty companies.

Here, in this review, you will find a short description of them. We will check their main offers and mention their pros and cons. All in all, here, you will find all the available data to make the most appropriate proper decision.

Home Warranty

Home Warranty Explained in Simple Words

Many still do not understand that the home warranty is something else than home insurance. These things are different, though. If you opt for home insurance, you aim to protect your accommodation from certain misfortunes: flood, fire, etc. A home insurance plan is traditionally limited to particular conditions.

If you prefer a home warranty with home warranty companies, it can be compared with a club membership. You pay a particular sum per month, and for this sum, you get specific privileges. When acquiring a home warranty, a client receives repairing services at discounted prices. In your plan, a company indicates which appliances they will repair with a discount.

With a home warranty, a client doesn’t get all the devices repaired for free. For each visit of a technician, you pay a certain service fee. But in most cases, the service fee is fixed, and it is 2 to 5 times more economical than the repair cost would be.

Our Top 10 Companies

We have selected the best enterprises (top home warranty companies) and products based on reviews and customer feedback. We have performed our own independent research to make sure the companies offer the best deals. And here is what we have found out.

  1. American Home Shield takes the first place in our rating. Based on around 50,000 reviews and the results of our tests, the company offers the most attractive plans. It has absolutely transparent plans.
    The staff is super professional and friendly. The main benefit of the company is though the opportunity to select which items you include in your specific home warranty plan. This is something that hardly any other company can offer.
  2. One of the renown, the best home warranty companies, is Cinch. Here, we would like to highlight one major difference from other companies. If other providers give 30 days, maximum of 90 days of guarantee for their services, this company has gone much further. Home warranty reviews provide the data that the firm offers 180 days of guarantee on all the works done by their technicians.
    Their normal service fee is completely affordable and starts at 75 USD per visit. If the item breaks down until the guarantee expires, the company doesn’t take absolutely any service fee. For those who are in search of suitable home warranty companies offerings, the firm offers a 100 USD discount.
  3. AFC Home Club has gone even further than Cinch in the provision of a workmanship guarantee. They guarantee that all your repaired items will work during the entire time of the contract. We haven’t found any more companies that are confident enough to offer such guarantees.
    The service fee is lower than by the majority of competitors, 60 USD. The offered alternatives are varied enough to satisfy the needs of the majority of customers, and their customer support is very helpful.
  4. Home Warranty of America no doubt belongs to top-rated home warranty companies. You might find their plans expensive (44.62 USD per month is the cheapest plan, compared to 29.99 USD per one month for the minimum warranty of American Home Shield).
    However, they get high ratings because, with this firm, your contract starts immediately. Other enterprises might take up to 30 days until you can enjoy all the home warranty benefits.
  5. Even though Choice Home Warranty has higher service fees (85 USD), we could not leave this company out. We include it in our rating of the best home warranty firms based on the increasing number of positive reviews from their customers.
    The company offers very transparent plans and has a tool online that helps you to calculate the approximate costs for the required plan. The minimum you spend on a plan is around 40 USD.
  6. Complete Protection is one of the very few companies that pamper their clients with super loyal conditions. The entire pricing for one home warranty plan varies from 45 to 75 USD per one month, plus, the firm charges 5 USD more monthly for rented property. The main reason why this company is among the best warranty providers is its extreme loyalty. The enterprise doesn’t have deductibles. If an item should be repaired, they repair everything. Also, Complete Protection covers even those appliances whose condition is not known.
  7. 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty is a firm that offers extremely attractive plans. The pricing options vary from 34 to 40 USD. Clients can add items that are missing in the selected plan.
    This firm offers structural plans. Therefore, owners of newly built homes shall pay attention to it.
  8. The Home Service Hub is a firm that is especially attractive to new homebuyers. Its offers allow providing coverage for brand new items and for the systems that will be added.
    Caps are based on the real costs of repairs and are not fixed, like in many other cases. You can count on around 35 USD per month for the minimum home warranty offer. Clients can add the required appliances to a plan that they purchase.
  9. HomeServe is included in our list because of their surprisingly low prices and positive feedback provided by their clients. The home warranty plan costs can be as low as 5.49 USD per month.
    Their clients can customize plans by adding the needed items. The enterprise offers a one-year guarantee on their works. If you buy a plan and aren’t happy with it, you can get your money back within 30 days from the signing date.
  10. One of the fastest-growing home warranty firms is Liberty Home Guard. The basic plan would cost you around 30 USD; the service fee is 60 USD.
    The company is devoted to serving their clients within 24 hours from the time when they get a request. Their plans are clear and cover all the needs of an average customer.

We Choose the Best Companies Based on Some Criteria

To guarantee that we include the best home warranty companies in our comprehensive rating, we reviewed a plethora of offers. We rated them according to four different criteria. Only the top-rated home warranty companies are included in the list. Do you wish to learn more about the main selection criteria? Read on.


The pricing options of a home warranty plan depend on the region where it is available. The coverage matters, too. Thus, we rated higher the providers that offer the most consistent pricing. Moreover, companies that have several price options also get a higher rating. This is why, because, with such a span, you can find more easily the plan that suits your budget.

Geographical Coverage

The firms that offer their home warranties in the 50 states of the country were rated the highest. However, it is also fine if the enterprise covers the majority of the United States territory. It is important that their different plans are offered in the entire coverage area. This way, you can be sure that the plan you like is available.

Customer Service

When you have a failure or technical problem at home, you want it to be solved immediately. Hence, efficient and functional customer service is mandatory for such enterprises. For the above list, we considered only those companies with around the clock customer service.

Moreover, the rating of each company on the Better Business Bureau was also taken into account. This rating depends on many factors. One of them is the number of complaints filed against the company.


We have selected the companies that provide all the necessary information about their home warranties. We expect to find on the company’s website the most detailed descriptions of the plans along with the corresponding prices. It is even better if they provide sample contracts.

In case some information is not available on the website, the firm must provide it via phone. To get a high rating, customer service must be straightforward to answer all the questions. Companies that give evasive answers are not considered transparent enough to be included on the above list.

protecting small house

Do You Really Need a Home Warranty?

Home warranties can pay off in some specific conditions. However, in other situations, it may not be so convenient. Let us take a closer look at it. If you buy a new house, then it is very likely you will never use a home warranty. When the installations are new, they may not have a malfunction within the first years of operation.

The same is true for appliances. If they are new, a malfunction is unlikely. And they may still be covered by the manufacture’s guarantee. However, if your house or appliances have been in use for several years, then a home warranty can be convenient.

How Does It Work?

The coverage starts being valid 30 days after you buy it. This is the case with almost all companies that offer this service. If one of the items that are in the plan presents a malfunction, you are eligible to call your selected home warranty firm.

They will schedule a repair visit. They will send a contractor or technician to fix the problem. Generally, you pay an agreed amount of money for the service. These details are clearly stated in your contract and depend on the type of plan you acquired. Then, the company will pay any additional costs normally associated with the requested repair.

Some companies delimit the amount they are willing to pay for repair costs. This also should be stated in your contract.

Is Home Warranty Important?

A home warranty is applied to get some relief when items in your accommodation get broken. With this, a home warranty provides significantly more tranquility being confident that you will get help when needed. Fixing or replacing a refrigerator or just a washing machine represents a big expense.

A home warranty is definitely one of the best ways to protect your personal finances. But as it was mentioned before, there are special situations in which you might even not consider any specific home warranty. For example, when your house or appliances are brand new, a home warranty is absolutely not justified.

Home Insurance and Home Warranty Differences

You purchase homeowner insurance to ensure the protection of your house. The policy of this insurance pays for any damage that these components of your house may suffer (during an earthquake, for instance). A home warranty pays for the fixing or replacement of systems/appliances at home.  Thus, both schemes complement each other to provide the complete protection of your property.

Home Warranty Plans and Their Specifics

Home warranty firms provide different plans, so their customers have more flexibility to acquire the best for them. There are basic plans that include a few items. As a consequence, they are rather inexpensive. More expensive plans include more items. Let us see in detail some representative examples of the different plans:

  • Basic Plan. In this option, the home warranty applies to appliances/devices that you commonly use in the kitchen and cleaning;
  • Combo Plan: this option is an extension of the previous one since it includes the major systems plus some additional systems, such as alarm wiring, doorbells, and similar;
  • Optional add-on: this option allows you to select the required appliances;
  • Appliance plans: here, clients can buy the best home warranties for particular appliances.

What Is a Reasonable Price for a Home Warranty?

Normally, you can count on reasonable prices for home warranty plans. The prices vary from 300 up to 600 USD per year, depending on a particular plan you select. If you count the price per month, you will conclude that it varies from around 25 to 50 USD.

Consider though that a specific service fee is applied in most cases. Depending on every particular plan and the specific company, it might vary from 55 to 160 USD. The stated service fee is paid by every customer every time he/she calls any of the mentioned home warranty companies with a specific request to repair a broken item.

Considering that usually, repair costs of a fridge might amount up to 400 USD, you can conclude that any service fee is reasonable. Of course, the more items break, the more money you spend on their repair. But if you get a warranty plan, these expenses might decrease significantly.

Home Warranty calculator

Consider Everything When Acquiring A Home Warranty

Before getting one or another warranty plan, consider if you really need it. If you insist that you will definitely never need the warranty firm services, acquiring a warranty is not reasonable. If you have an opportunity to get your items repaired at much lower prices than usual offers, calculate whether acquiring a warranty plan should be reasonable indeed.

If you believe that you will for sure need repairing services, getting the needed warranty plan might save you a lot of money. Also, if the needed specialist is not provided by a specific warranty company, the firm will assist you in finding the needed specialist.

If you decide to opt for the optimal, the best home warranties, consider which equipment and items you have that might break. Make sure they are included in the plan. Finally, you acquire the needed warranty plan.

Benefits and Drawback of Home Warranty

Like any other service or offer, even the best home warranty is delivered with its benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, before you opt for one or another, even the best home warranty based on the review set, check what the firm offers.

Let us start with the benefits:

  • Every best home warranty is delivered as an arranged plan. Usually, clients can choose a plan that suits their needs optimally. A reliable firm would, for sure, offer alternatives for cases a client doesn’t find all the wished items in the plan. Therefore, a comprehensive solution might not be accessible immediately. But a good option can be customized.
  • The best home warranty provider offers not only specific plans, even if they are the most varied. Most enterprises offer customization options, and some would suggest a client compiling a plan that the client needs. Considering a significant selection of home warranty review options, such firms are the most reputable.
  • Customers who manage to acquire the best home warranty for their particular cases save plenty of money on common repair costs. Usually, people acquire home warranties for homes if the items are not absolutely new.
  • With a reputable firm, you can count on fast services. Some companies might offer around the clock services. These details are specified in your contract.

There are some cons, though:

  • Even the best provider might not cover all your needs completely. The firms set up caps for each repair type they provide. There are just a few providers that don’t have caps.
  • If you have a new home with brand new appliances or if the manufacturer`s warranty still hasn’t expired, buying an additional service might be an excessive move though it all depends on you and the plan. There are absolutely incredible plans offered for new homeowners.
  • A good company provides services day and night because, in particular cases, the immediate availability of a technician is appreciated and required. Some firms might claim they offer this benefit. However, while checking websites and offers, we had encountered some cases when this promise was not kept. For instance, one firm announced on its website that they were experiencing some disruptions. That’s a nice excuse for not being efficient, isn’t it?
  • Most contracts come into force 30 days after you pay for the plan. If something breaks within that period, it might be pretty disappointing. We would definitely recommend checking those few companies that offer immediate service. However, it is not easy to find them. For instance, we have managed to come across just one reputable firm that offers this great benefit. You are lucky if this firm offers some options for your region, too.

In the American market, there are myriads of options if you decide to secure your appliances and items. Your main target and task are to select those offers that cover your needs while not being excessive. To help you with it, we have made our extensive rating of top firms. Also, we have tried to provide you with the most extensive information required for a proper decision. Now, with this extensive guide, you can do your own research to select the most optimal plan for your house.

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