The Best Car Insurance Companies 2020: Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking for the best car insurance, you should take into account many factors. It can be hard to find the best car insurance company since there are many choices on the market. If you are too busy with your work or just feel overwhelmed with all the information about car insurance, this article is going to help you out. Use it as a guide for choosing the best auto insurance. Find all the details about how to pick the right plan as well as the list of the best car insurance companies 2020 now on this page.

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What Is Car Insurance?

If you are a new driver, you are probably asking yourself: “Is getting car insurance really worth my money?”. You are not the only one who is asking this question. There are many drivers who believe that car insurance is not that necessary and find it a waste of money. But in reality, the situation is much more different.

On average, 2 million people are injured in car accidents yearly. Statistics are devastating, and often it is best to ignore it instead of doing something about it. Even if the area where you live is safer compared to others, it does not mean that there are no risks. There is always a chance of an accident happening, and it is very likely that you will get in one at least once in your life.

And if you do, you will have to pay for many things, including the cost for all the damage that you have caused, as well as for the medical expenses that might not be paid off even during a few years after the accident. Even if the accident is not very serious, still, the financial cost for it might be overwhelming.

This is why you need car insurance. This is something that will save you from the situation in which you might have to forget about saving up for things you always wanted to get. If you choose the best car insurance, it might cover such expenses as injuries, damage to your own property as well as the property of the person who got in an accident as well, and medical bills. Car insurance is like a safety pillow that will save you when you don’t expect that. If you choose to get car insurance, you protect not only yourself but also your family and your work or business, which also important.

Our Top 10 Companies

We have got for you the best car Insurance companies 2020 that offer some good options for different types of drivers. All of the criteria for the best car insurance companies is based on the reviews of the previous customers who purchased services from these top 10 firms. Choose the plan that suits your style with these auto insurance companies:

  1. Geico. You probably have seen their nice commercials at least once in your life. They are also well-known for being a good company that cares about their customers. It is one of the most popular car insurance companies, and its satisfaction rate is pretty high.
  2. Progressive. This was one of the first car insurance companies that offered discounts for safe driving. Their competitive rates are pretty high for those drivers who got into accidents previously, so if you had before, you might want to consider another one.
  3. Liberty Mutual. They sell not only one of the best car insurance plans, but also offer health and life insurance policy available as well. The rates of the Liberty Mutual often depend on a country, so you will have to research it yourself. The satisfaction rate is average, so if the price is suitable for you, this company can be a good fit for you.
  4. Travelers. This is one of the oldest car insurance companies since it has been on the market for over 160 years. It could be a great pick for families who have a good driving history since they have got nice discounts and comparatively low rates for families.
  5. State Farm. It is one of the best car insurance companies which offers many great options for drivers. Car insurance coverages include liability coverage, medical payments, emergency coverages, GAP insurance, as well as many others. It might not offer some great discounts, but they have got a variety of plans and extensive coverage options.
  6. Allstate. Now we have got to the point where we will talk about car insurance companies that are good for more risky drivers. Allstate has got discounts and payments for every 6 months without accidents and many different ways to save money if you have been driving for one year without violations. It has got coverage for injuries, damage liability, medical payments, etc.
  7. Nationwide. If you are looking for more cheap car insurance companies, than this one is definitely worth to be considered. It has got many coverage options as well as discounts similar to those the larger companies have to offer. It may not be the best car insurance, but it is one of the most affordable services that you can find.
  8. Amica Mutual. It is the company that is not very different from others, but still, it has got one of the best ratings. They are a reliable provider that will not leave you by yourself in a difficult situation. Their rates are not very high as well.
  9. USAA. It services military members as well as midshipmen cadets. This company has got some nice rates, and it would be a good choice for big families.
  10. American Family. The satisfaction rate of this company is one of the highest these days. It is not very cheap compared with other services, but their offers are pretty good. It is also one of the most reliable providers on the market, so you should not hesitate to trust them.

How We Chose The Best Car Insurance Companies

So how the best car insurance companies are chosen? There are a few rules that you should follow:

  • Find the right coverage that fits your needs. Auto insurance companies offer different types of plans, so before sticking to one, you should review all the options.
  • Choose a provider. There are three kinds of providers: brokers, direct providers, and captive agents. All of them have their own benefits and drawbacks, and it is hard to say which one is the right choice: it depends only on your lifestyle and preferences.
  • Compare the best auto insurance companies. You should pick a few car insurance companies that seem like the best option for you, and compare their offers, deals, and rates. What kind of coverage do they offer? How much does it cost? Consider such things when looking for the best car insurance companies.
  • Check reviews. Before getting an insurance plan with a specific company, you should first check the reviews that other customers left. For example, you can check the reviews on Trustpilot since often, real opinions and feedback are posted there.
  • Make sure the company has a license. Every insurance provider should be licensed. Otherwise, it is best not to trust the car insurance companies that don’t have the license.

Do You Need Car Insurance?

There is only one way to answer the question: “Yes, you do need to car insurance”. It will protect from as well as will help you deal with these situations:

  • Vast amounts of fees for repairs. If you get in an accident, as said previously, you will encounter a lot of things that have to be paid off. These would include damage to the vehicle of another driver as well as your own automobile, repair or replacement of your own car and auto of another driver, medical help if someone was injured or hurt. With the help of car insurance, you will not have to deal with all these things by yourself.
  • Damage caused to your passengers. In case anything happens to people you were driving with, they will get the help they need. All the medical expenses will be covered by car insurance. This way, you will make sure that your passengers will be even more secured.
  • Stress and harm you might have to experience. With the best car insurance, you will also guarantee safety for yourself. You might have to deal with multiple injuries, medical expenses for medication, surgeries, doctor visits, etc. With car insurance companies, you will have someone you can rely on in difficult situations.

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How Does Car Insurance Work?

At first, you will have to speak to the provider and discuss all the details. You will be asked a few questions about you and your car, and after that, you will get a few offers about plans that might work well for you. You will have to pick the coverage. Usually, auto insurance companies offer different types of coverage: damage to your own and other cars, damage to objects, harm caused to you and other drivers and passengers, and lawsuits. Remember that the bigger the coverage is, the more expensive it will be.

If something is damaged in the accident, you will first have to file a claim. In other words, you will have to fill in the document where you will ask the company to pay for something. If it’s covered by your company, it will pay for the damages or reimburse you.

Why Is Car Insurance Important?

First of all, car insurance is often required by the state. It leaves you without any choice: you either get a contract with one of the car insurance companies or pay the fine for not doing that. But of course, this is not the only reason why car insurance matters a lot.

Car insurance will save you from really huge expenses that might have been put on your shoulders. Think about car insurance as if it is an investment: you pay small sums now that will keep you from dangerous and stressful situations. There is always a risk of an accident happening on wrong: collision, injuries, damage caused to the vehicles and property, etc. With car insurance, you will be in a position where even if something like that occurs, you will not have to stress out about big amounts of money that you will have to spend.

If you have a family, the best car insurance will help you protect them as well. If you are driving them to school and work, it is your responsibility to make sure that your passengers are not put at risk. But you cannot always be sure that they are 100% secured.

Cheap Car Insurance vs. Expensive Car Insurance: What’s The Difference?

The most obvious thing that could be said here is the price. Still, there are some facts that you might not have realized.

As you know it already, cheaper car insurance will provide you with less coverage. Some drivers purchase cheaper plans just so they would not have any problems with the law. But legal issues are the only problems that you might have.

If you choose a cheaper company, you will be far from getting full coverage, and if you get into an accident, you will have to deal with it by yourself. When it comes to more expensive companies, everything is more simple: there will always be someone who will cover your back.

Price is not the only difference between the two types of companies. Those that offer cheaper plans rarely include any additional service or assistance, while more expensive companies are ready to give their customers a number of great extras. You may not always need them, but it is nice to know that your plan includes not only the most basic features but some other benefits as well.

Types of discounts. If you choose car insurance companies, it is best not to hope for some discounts or bonuses. Those auto insurance companies that have a bit pricier plans often offer some great loyalty programs and discounts.

So what should you choose? There is no correct answer. Think about your needs as well as your budget, and only after that, make a final decision. Don’t forget to check out car insurance reviews to see which one is rated as the best by customers.

Types Of Car Insurance Plans

There are different categories of car insurance plans. So which one should choose? If you have already found the best auto insurance companies and don’t know which plans they offer will work best for you, check this list to find the one that will be best for you:

  • Comprehensive coverage. This one includes any damage that was caused to your car, including fire, theft, vandalism, etc. First, you will have to pay for the damage with your own and then file a claim to get a refund.
  • Medical bills coverage. If you or your passengers were harmed, with the best car insurance, you would also get coverage for all the medical expenses. Some of the covered costs might include hospital expenses, surgeries, medications, as well as many other payments for doctors and hospitals.
  • Protections from personal injuries. This is something not all companies offer. Such plans will include not only coverage for additional expenses that you will have to pay for because of an accident (for example, child support).
  • Collision coverage. If somebody hits your car or you caused any damage to the car or property of any other person, your collision coverage will help you pay for the repair or replacement.

There are also many other types of plans that auto insurance companies offer. They include transportation, rental refund, gap car replacement, labor cost, ride-sharing, sound system coverages. If you are not sure which one is the best car insurance for you, just contact your provider to discuss the details

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How Much Does A Car Insurance Cost?

There were many complaints about the expensiveness of the plans that the best car insurance companies charge. Even though it might seem like a lot at first, keep in mind that it is much less than paying all the bills and expenses that you might be obliged to pay.

The average price for car insurance is around $1,700 per year. That’s about $141 per month. Depending on an idea where you live, it can be more than the amount that you would pay for rent or food.

Of course, the rates vary a lot. If you want to get the best car insurance, you should first contact the company that interests you, and then discuss all the details together. You can be sure that the specialists will help you pick the right plan.

Key Considerations When You Buy A Car Insurance

When you decide to get a plan from the best car insurance companies, you have to keep in mind a few things that will help you make the right choice. Here are the key factors that should be taken into account:

  1. Reputation. Is this company respected? How long has it been on the market? The best car insurance companies are known for the high customer satisfaction rate and excellent support, so if you don’t want to make a mistake when choosing a company, you should learn more about the reputation of a company.
  2. Your needs. Think about the coverage you might need. There are many types of plans, and the more coverage you would like to have, the bigger the price for it will be.
  3. Affordability. What are the prices for their plans? The best car insurance should not be expensive. It does not mean though that the cheapest plan is the one you should choose. Just pick something that works well for you and does not hurt your budget.
  4. Support. Are customers satisfied with their support team? Does this company offer help around the clock? Don’t forget to research these things as well.

PROS & CONS Of Car Insurance Service

Whenever you choose any kind of service, you should take a look at the positive and negative aspects of it. Some of the good aspects of getting car insurance are:

  • 24/7 support. If anything happens, you will be able to contact the company right away and get the help you need at any time. You can message or call your company and get all the answers even if it is nighttime.
  • Quick assistance. If you got a problem, you would be assisted with it right away. There is no situation in which you will be left alone with an issue. Right after the accident, you can call the company, and together, you will come up with the best solution fast.
  • A variety of options available. With the best car insurance companies, you can get any kind of insurance plan that will fit your needs and budget. Insurance services are pretty flexible, so you will be able to find something that will definitely be suitable for your lifestyle.

Not everything is perfect, even if you got the best auto insurance available on the market. Here are some of the drawbacks of car insurance services:

  • Problems with privacy. There were a few situations in which hackers created websites that replicated sites of famous insurance companies and stole money and data from other people.
  • Assistance is not always effective. You might get into a situation in which connection with the service might not be reliable, or support assistants might just not provide you with the actual help as quickly as they should.
  • Not everything is compensated. It is not something the insurance company should actually be blamed for, but still, it often is. You will not always get a full refund, and you have to be ready for that.

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Choose The Company You Can Trust

If you want to choose a really good service, you will have to conduct good research and speak to the representatives of the company directly. You can find many great options on the list of top 10 auto insurance companies from this article, so just pick the one that seems like the right service and contact the company to discuss the details, terms, and different plans they have to offer.

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